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The follow up full length album to our 2011 demo "Unfinished Business"


released July 5, 2014

Written by Spitting Earth
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Evan Massey @ Quiet House



all rights reserved


Spitting Earth Ontario

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Track Name: Faint of Heart
Losing grip on reality
Please don't get close to me
I've tried before
I've come up short
and now I'm hurt
You give me life in certain death
But why bother wasting my breath
My hands are clasped, my voice gone rasp
I'm tired of screaming

What do you know about pain?
The only person is myself to blame
I've come up short
and now I'm dying
What do you know about death?
That sinking feeling that there's nothing left
I've come up short
and now I'm dying

Believe me
Believe me
This isn't a place you ever want to be
My mind is not for the
Faint of heart
What if it's all a game?
All a fucking test?
I over think the simple
and I'm too damned depressed
If I could change all of this
Lord, I'd separate myself
From everyone else
To save my mental health

My tattered mind matched my tattered clothing
So leave me to the buzzards of self-loathing
I struggle with the light of day
wish I could pick myself up to say

God save me
So I can see the light
Track Name: The Labour of Errour
I betrothed
to the fear and will that is inscribed in me
this, my cross
crimson as my name sake, crimson as a i bleed
I'm dealing with the cradle and you, my errant
it's him I loathe
gifted man, your skills which i beg you to grant
if you don't
in the slough
ill moan
its flight leads to drone
who's ripping out my bones
and tearing out our throats
handed us, this maze
I’ve been staring at for days
and snared in eyes that i am forbidden to gaze
so pick up steel and concentrate
focus your mindless dreams to fucking hate
I've been gripped in others sins
give me time, and in that dark, take shelter in
don't you go stepping in a cave
pressured throats and every other slave
another one of Errours foes
with valediction written in your blood

I don't heed
the words of smaller men or those of fairer eyes
but I cant see
the emptiness and savagery, blissful in your size
in darkness
preservation reveals the hideous thing
and at a loss
it stands,full breasted and black,hissing chants
for its young to unveil
with tail
I'm gripped, as the young wail
held tight as holy grail
it;s blushing me for air
with nothing much profane
i see neck and do the same
heavy handed,choking favours,set to maim
losing grip, you start to heave
black bile out of the vicious maw you grieve
the youth are gripping at my hem
separate skull and make orphans out of them
now they crowd around your wound
sucking sustenance to mark their tombs
burst disemboweling in flood
their valediction written in your blood

cause me grievance and cause me harm
you are no Una, at least not the one i love
drive a stake, in loins and city
breaking branches,as foliage took pity

oh Lucifera cant you see
this house of pride has driven madness unto me
so pick up crown and take your throne
with valediction written in your blood

into the cave of despair
we form the same, the dumb,wretched and fair
he speaks a silence into me
driving a stake of second thoughts, I see
you don't deserve to be alive
its only sin that you're allowed to thrive
we're just different in the same way
the mind of a sinner
the mouth of a saint
Track Name: The Sands of Time
I feel the sense of death
Words come through your winter breath
Please, just give me one more chance
Obnoxious empty cries
The black you saw in my eyes
If forgiveness is due
It's one thing I wont give to you

Evil swallows you whole
The sand of time won't forgive your soul
Forgive your soul

Said I'm something to regret
Said you didn't mean anything you said
Spare me the guilt trip
Blame one of your fucked fits
Your mind has only caused me ignorance
And now, who misses who?
My heart is mine
I'm not like you

I am the chill that's down your spine
I am the serpent on the back of your mind
Connection is a heart to heart
But we were never apart
Track Name: New Confines
Wrought with penchant
of doing you wrong
but you'll believe it
if only in tongue
strong exception
to wuthering gale
that you expelled from
your maw, prevail

“I’m done”
you don’t believe it's all been said and done

so full of pressure
my leisure's been blessed
picked your belongings
off the cusp of a chest
so i point fingers
to unholy Midwest
to put a bullet inside of her breast

“I'm done”
you don’t believe its all been said and done
do you believe its all been said and done?

I've not found
silence now
so back to the hole,whence I’d been living
truth be told
in grip of eyes
I’ve crossed myself in hopes to find
new confines

save it preacher,there ain’t no good news
shes the devil and I’ve got the blues
walk on justice with the morals you've paved
the sidewalks cracking,so throw it away
Track Name: Abhor
it is better
S love them E
and we
so seldom look on love
that it seems heinous

- Frank O'Hara
Track Name: Wormwood
rising devil
drops of pain cure ease
I’ve loved god
but does he want me?

Cast his stone
demons drawing poison
salt and milk white drugs
leaves me restless, careless
I’ve seen eyes here

I don’t need bullets
if cards will do the trick
fellatio and spit
shes been writhing with a lover
we've been looking for a fix here

he's cast his stone
demons drawing poison
salt and milk white drugs
leaves me breathless,airless
I've seen eyes staring

this is I
the droning blackness that hangs from my eyes
my callous nature you've grown to despise
naked pearls that i dropped on your tongue
alluding pleasure while pessimism hung
though I’ve tried
to muzzle down and kill this beast
my pride
is stoking me over the coals
I pray to god to keep my eyes tightly closed
as wormwood leads me down soft paths to home

cast in stone
demons drawing poison
salt and milk white drugs
leaves me restless, careless
those eyes, staring


at me.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
-John Milton